Paint Stripping, Media Blasting, and Chemical Immersion FAQs

FAQs about Paint Stripping & Metal Restoration:

In our FAQs, you can find commonly asked questions about metal stripping, degreasing, chemical immersion, media blasting, and other paint stripping processes. If you go through our FAQs and find that your questions are still unanswered, contact the team at Redi-Strip. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about any of our metal stripping processes.

Contact Us with Questions

How do I remove paint from a metal item?

There are a few DIY paint removal options and paint thinners available. We know that some of these don’t work as well on larger items. When you have items you simply can’t strip, either due to size or due to the nature of the paint, we highly suggest bringing your items to Redi-Strip and taking advantage of our media blasting service. We’ve stripped paint from metal items such as soft metals, like aluminum and brass; non-metal materials such as plastic and fiberglass; and even critical metals including magnesium and titanium. This unique and always safe process allows us to offer both high-quality metal stripping and auto stripping services. No matter what metal item you have, we’re confident you can bring it to us, and we can successfully strip to restore your items like new. Contact us directly to learn more about our paint stripping services!

Is chemical immersion safe for items when stripping paint?

We have immersion techniques, degreasing, alkaline dipping, as well as tumbling and agitation. All being done without harming the base material. Each of our chemical immersion processes are completely safe for your items, and will leave them looking like new every time! These processes can be done to metal, glass, plastic, and other materials. If you have questions about stripping specific items, please reach out to us directly and we can give you more details.

How long does paint stripping take?

The specific duration of your paint stripping service will depend on the current state of your items when you bring them to us. Depending on the thickness of the paint, and the layers that currently exist on your items, we give you an estimate based on the paint we need to strip. Our processes work in no time, and we’ll have your items stripped like new as soon as you bring them to us.

How do you degrease metal?

Degreasing can be difficult to successfully complete on your own. The Redi-strip team can remove grease, cosmoline, plastisol, paint spills, food product drippings, chemical deposits, tar, gum, glue, resins, and just plain grime from any kind of metal on your items. When you have car parts, tools in your garage, and other items you simply can’t degrease, call us at Redi-Strip. We use a wide variety of degreasing methods for removing unwanted oil, paint, and other matter from the surfaces of machines, parts, and other metal products.

Is paint removal harmful?

Redi-Strip’s non-abrasive media blasting service is ideal for affordable paint stripping on a wide range of materials. Our processes are always safe for your items and are always done without harming the base material of your item. Our safe and never harmful processes have made us a leading paint stripping and degreasing company for metal.

How do you clean metal car parts?

Redi-Strip can clean, degrease, and derust your metal car parts in no time. Our derusting process called alkaline electrolytic immersion is sheer magic. It does away with sandblasting, shot blasting, and other destructive procedures for de-rusting.

How does a media blaster work?

Our team uses a proprietary mixture of recycled media in our media blasting and auto stripping processes that can remove virtually any paint or coating, layer by layer, without any material loss or damage. Even tough powder coatings and other high-tech industrial coatings are no problem for the team at Redi-Strip.

How much does it cost to media blast a car?

We’ve been using media blasting and paint removal processes to strip cars for over 40 years. If you’re looking for an estimate on stripping, media blasting, or degreasing a car, please feel free to email us some photos of the vehicle, and we can send you a pricing estimate.  When we see the item you want to strip, we will give you an estimate based on your service needed. All of our pricing is based on the amount of paint, rust, and undercoating that we will need to remove. In order to satisfy the requirements of your project, we have numerous processes available! View our media blasting page for more information.