Before & After

Whatever method you choose, you can be assured that your job will be done with expert results, on time and in the most economical way possible. Our processes and methods have been developed over the years through research, development and priceless experience. You can count on Redi-Strip for the best results available.

The Process

Generally, all parts are processed through a step and repeat method. What this involves is processing to remove grease and oil, then paint and finally with a “clean” part, we begin the de-rusting procedure. The time that all this takes to complete is dependent on the degree, amount, and location of the rust. Ever job then must past final inspection to ensure that it is rust free.

1. Degreasing

To ensure we do not contaminate any of the more sensitive processes, we make sure that all parts are oil, grease, and grim free before proceeding to the paint removal process. This guarantees quicker processing through the remaining steps.

2. Paint Removal

With all of our available tools, such as thermal, chemical or mechanical stripping, to perform the paint removal process, we rely on years of experience to lead us. We also can process parts to specific specifications. We are always considering economy in choosing the appropriate method.

3. Derusting

The final step in the cleaning process and typically the most critical, is the removal of the rust. Depending on the process chosen we make sure, through thorough inspection that all crevices are rust free and clear of all contaminates.

Redi-Strip to the Rescue

Redi-Strip has been uncovering value for a wide variety of customers, including those in the following areas: aviation, aerospace, antiques, automotive (car bodies, blocks, heads and other components), architectural products, fabricated metal goods, firearms, general industry, hardware, machinery, machine tools, marine equipment, metalworking, metal furniture, metal toys, trailers, tanks and boilers, motorcycles, production equipment, plumbing and restoration work.

Quick Turnaround

Our standard processing time is the fastest in the business. And in an emergency, we can give you order special rush consideration. Our skilled technicians work on a production basis with the ideal equipment and the latest fast-acting formulas. Parts are processed quickly, with no loss or damage. There’s no better recipe for a low ultimate cost.