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Redi-Strip uses a proprietary mixture of recycled media in our media blasting and auto stripping processes that can remove virtually any paint or coating, layer by layer, without any material loss or damage. Even tough powder coatings and other high-tech industrial coatings are no problem. Redi-Strip’s non-abrasive media blasting is ideal for affordable paint stripping on a wide range of materials. We have years of experience being a leading paint stripper for metal. We’ve successfully stripped soft metals such as aluminum and brass; non-metal materials such as plastic and fiberglass; and critical metals including magnesium and titanium. This unique process allows us to offer both high-quality metal stripping and auto stripping services.

For repainting or re-coating we can use more aggressive media blasting services specially designed to leave a rougher, “etched” surface. Since no additional prep work is needed, paint or coatings can then be reapplied without delay.

Common Items For Paint Stripping:

  • Aluminum furniture, tables, and chairs
  • Bikes
  • Car tire rims
  • Entire car bodies
  • Kitchenware 
  • Instruments
  • Antiques
  • Valuables (jewelry) 
  • Household hardware 
  • Work Tools

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