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There isn’t a paint or coating system made that one of our exclusive Redi-Strip processes can’t remove. We offer chemical immersion techniques, degreasing, acid dipping, as well as tumbling and agitation. All being done without harming the base material. These processes can be done to metal, glass, plastic, and other materials.

Our specially developed methods quickly and safely lift off years of accumulated automotive paints, tough epoxies, lacquers, enamels, acrylics, nylon, Teflon, plastisols, rubber, glue, tar, mastics, and auto undercoating. If you think your stripping problem is unique, consider this: we’ve successfully stripped aircraft members, ski poles, console panels, baseball bats, waveguides, pump housings, furniture, vintage cars, and even entire tooling machines. Our car dipping services are second to none!

With our Redi-Strip facility ready to serve you from Massachusetts to Hawaii, there’s no longer any reason to resort to “do-it-yourself” metal stripping or “homebrew” acid dipping services. When done by an expert technician, chemical immersion is a very very helpful process that can do everything from help your valuables retain their value and even restore original materials from underneath years of wear.

Simply send your problem items to us and forget about old-fashioned sandblasting, wire brushing, acid dipping and hand scraping. It’s damaging, dangerous, costly, and time-consuming. Consider our chemical immersion services at RediStrip to get the best results possible!

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Our Rust Removal Process

Redi-Strip’s de-rusting process called alkaline electrolytic immersion is sheer magic. It does away with sandblasting, shot blasting, and other destructive procedures for de-rusting.

Our exclusive process dips the item and causes rust to “float” off steel and other ferrous metals, leaving surfaces bright and clean. The solutions used in the chemical dip include safe formulations for de-rusting parts with attachments made of rubber, plastic, glass, and more.

Of particular importance to those concerned with metal fatigue problems, is the fact that Redi-Strip’s process removes no metal and cannot cause stress cracks, etching, or embrittlement; yet the process thoroughly de-rusts every pit, crevice, and cavity. It also releases “frozen” threads.

With immersion tanks ranging up to 22 feet long, Redi-Strip can de-rust anything from a pin to a punch press, in any quantity from one to infinity. Tooling machines, hardware, car bodies, and sheet metal products are just part of the wide variety of items de-rusted at Redi-Strip every day. Our automotive chemical dip process can handle all types of car parts and auto bodies.

Best of all, the rust doesn’t come back. We place a propriety water-soluble rust inhibitor on all completed parts to act as a protective film, eliminating the need for expensive greasing and degreasing. When ready for use, the parts are simply water-rinsed and dried.

All things considered, our de-rusting process is one you can’t do without, can’t do yourself, and can’t get anywhere else. Count on Redi-Strip to do it for you.

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