Restore Nearly Any Material With Our Exclusive Redi-Strip Processes!

Paint Removal, Media Blasting, & De-Rusting Services

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Our standard processing time is the fastest in the business. And in an emergency, we can give your order special rush consideration.

Our skilled technicians work on a production basis with top-of-the-line equipment and the latest fast-acting formulas. Parts are processed quickly, with no loss or damage. There’s no better recipe for high quality work.


Chemical Immersion

There isn’t a paint or coating system made that one of our exclusive Redi-Strip processes can’t remove. We have immersion techniques, as well as tumbling and aggitation.

All of which is done without harming the base material. These processes can be done to metal, glass, plastic, and other materials.

Media Blasting

Redi-Strip uses a proprietary mixture of recycled media in our media blasting process that can remove virtually any paint or coating, layer by layer, without any material loss or damage.

Even tough powder coatings and other high-tech industrial coatings are no problem. Redi-Strip’s non-abrasive blasting is ideal for economically stripping a wide range of materials to the most exacting specifications.


Redi-Strip’s de-rusting process is sheer magic. This service, known as alkaline electrolytic immersion does away with acid dipping, sandblasting, shot blasting, and other destructive procedures for de-rusting.


Redi-Strip employs a wide variety of processes for removing unwanted matter from the surfaces of machines, parts and other metal products.

We can clean grease, cosmoline, plastisok, paint spills, food product drippings, chemical deposits, tar, gum, glue, resins, and just plain grime from any kind of metal.